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22 Mar 2022 | Macquarie University

2022 London Cocktail

We are delighted to announce that the Vice Chancellor - 布鲁斯·道顿教授 will be hosting an alumni celebration Cocktail in London with Macquarie Alumni on Tuesday 22 March at the Hyatt Regency...

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28 Mar 2022 | Macquarie University

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Past events from 2021

Our Japan Alumni Network launched in 2020 to bring our MQ alumni community living and working in Japan together and hosted their first Japan Alumni Network event for 2021 on "Breathe".

Our guest speaker Raphael Bender, 呼吸教育首席执行官, shared on how Breathe, 一家澳大利亚普拉提课程提供商, has grown after pivoting online as a result of COVID. A Q&A是拉斐的业务和激情,普拉提,以及一般的健康和幸福.

鸭脖体育app下载的堪培拉校友网络在奥斯塔尼酒吧举办了他们的第一次非正式社交酒会. We had a great turnout!

在Farah Allouche的带领下,让2021年成为充实的一年的三个关键

Our France Alumni Network hosted an interactive webinar with special guest speaker Farah Allouche who explored three key concepts which will offer a different perspective in these uncertain times and enable you to approach 2021 with confidence and equanimity.

About Farah

Farah Allouche是一位专业的教练、顾问和培训师. After graduating a Master in Financial Management, she occupied various executive positions allowing her to assess the business models and risk profiles of thousands of firms, and manage cross-cultural teams and projects for ten years. 然后,法拉创立了自己的公司,公司的口号是“做得好,领导得好”. 通过培训企业主和经理以及商业咨询, 她寻求发展领导技能,以促进个人和集体的发展. 个人发展、跑步和瑜伽是她最喜欢的爱好之一.

鸭脖体育app下载与一群正在改变世界的鼓舞人心的妇女一起庆祝国际妇女节. 他们就他们的状况进行了一场讨论 激励和挑战现状,庆祝女性的成就.

Guest speakers:

  • 吉莉安·伯德女士阁下 – Australia’s Ambassador to France, Algeria & Monaco
  • 莫杜普博士阁下. Irele ——尼日利亚驻法国大使 & Monaco
  • 安娜·博斯曼女士阁下 -加纳驻法国大使 & Portugal
  • Mrs Amelia Lakrafi -法国国会议员
  • Lady Ngo Mang Epesse – Women Rights Expert

布里斯班校友网络 Drinks — Thursday 11 March

Our 布里斯班校友网络 在美丽的霍华德史密斯码头举办了他们2021年的第一次社交酒会.

Our France Alumni Network hosted a webinar with principal violist Deirdre Dowling, 他目前是鸭脖体育app下载全球MBA学生, who shared her insights as an Aussie musician living in Paris, 平衡工作和学习.

About Deirdre

在澳大利亚理事会和伊恩·波特基金会的资助下, Deirdre moved from her hometown of Melbourne to The Hague in 2001 to undertake post-graduate and Master’s degrees in period instrument performance. In 2005 she moved to Paris where she is still based.

Deirdre是两个欧洲最重要的原创乐器合奏团的首席中提琴手, Philippe Herreweghe的联合主唱Gent和Cecilia Bartoli的摩纳哥管弦乐队, 《鸭脖体育app》. 2012 - 2017年,Deirdre担任Ton Koopman阿姆斯特丹巴洛克管弦乐团的首席中提琴手.

Deirdre还经常与Les Arts Florissants (William Christie)合作。, 《鸭脖体育app》(马克·闵可夫斯基), Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century (Frans Brüggen), and The Netherlands Bach Society (Shunske Sato), 与她一起在世界各地巡回演出的曲目从蒙特威尔第到柏辽兹, 一路录制了许多cd.

2010年,Deirdre被任命为瑞士首屈一指的巴洛克音乐节的艺术总监, Musikdorf Ernen. 在过去的12年里,这个节日越来越受欢迎,其长度也增加了一倍, concerts are sold out, 这个节日吸引了越来越多的游客来到这个地区.



  • Charlene Hu BAF (2016) – Chief Executive Officer, Block42
  • 曾先生(2000年)获文学士学位,2001年获法学士学位,2004年获工商管理硕士学位(全球媒体合作公司总经理) & 创新,Amplifi澳新银行
  • Curt Shi MA (2003) - Imprint Investment Partners董事总经理
  • Feroz Khan MComm (2010), MComm (2012) - Newport Capital的董事总经理
  • Sunny Sirabas BComm (Mktg)(2008) -总经理-创新, Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand

Guest speaker Dr Prashan Karunaratne BEcon (2003), BEcon(Hons) (2004), PhD(2019) -课程主任, Bachelor of Commerce, Macquarie University, 主持关于COVID-19大流行和全球危机的业务影响的讨论, 以及如何在未来几个月或几年做出战略决策.

About Prashan

Prashan Karunaratne is an inspirational and innovative teacher and researcher of economics and business analytics at Macquarie University and MQ alumnus. 他教经济学的热情, and passion for improving student outcomes, have inspired and engaged students for more than a decade. 他培养学生从事经济学和商业分析领域的愿望, 他坚信学习的过程对老师和学生都有好处.

鸭脖体育app下载成都校友网举办了一场非正式的火锅晚宴,方便大家交流. What better of a way to connect over great food!

鸭脖体育app下载和MQ的校友坐了下来 Lex Pedersen (BA 1999), Director and Portfolio Manager at CHROME TEMPLE.

About Lex:

In 2006, Lex created SurfStitch他是澳大利亚第一家纯在线冲浪零售商. SurfStitch成为澳大利亚最早、最大、最迅速的电子商务增长故事之一. 作为SurfStitch的总经理, Lex guided the business to consistent triple figure growth, reaching $100mm in sales within four (4) years. 随着业务在澳大利亚继续实现三位数的增长, 莱科斯在国际上扩张野心, with the opening of SurfStitch Europe in 2012. In 2014, SurfStitch成为澳大利亚第一家成功完成ipo前融资的纯零售企业, 三个月后上市.  在SurfStitch任职期间, 莱科斯负责建立和监督在澳大利亚的业务, 美国和欧洲.  Following several strategic retail and media investments, SurfStitch became the world’s largest and first global surf eCommerce powerhouse reaching a market capitalisation of over $500m.

Lex identified an opportunity to buck the traditional agency model by providing businesses with innovate digital solutions that are supported through expertise, knowledge, investment, 和收入/利润份额. And in 2017, Lex departed SurfStitch to co-found 潜望镜数字组, a full suite eCommerce service and strategy powerhouse.

莱科斯还是 1 Day Wraps Australia, an on-vehicle ‘guerilla marketing’ agency that focuses on vinyl wrapping vehicles to promote businesses in an age where traditional forms of promotion are becoming far less effective and increasingly expensive.

Following his passion for collecting cars, 他的后续需要储存它们, Lex最近联合创办了CHROME TEMPLE, a high end “Car Concierge” business that stores, maintains, restores, sources, wholesales, 运输公司定制机动车辆. In 2021 Lex successfully launched Australia’s first investment fund targeted exclusively at automobiles of distinction via CHROME TEMPLE investments Mach 1 Fund. Several other automotive culture inspired initiatives await.

Our Thailand Alumni Network hosted an energising morning yoga session with instructor K Sukanya To-Ngam (Fitness First Thailand), 下午还有K Apisit Siripongwakin(自由教练)的尊巴课.

Leaders, Innovators & 破坏者-与Rob Keldoulis谈话- 7月28日星期三

We sat down with Rob Keldoulis, CEO of Viviene Court Trading这是一家以社会良知创造财富的金融交易公司. Unlike any traditional financial institution, VivCourt以员工为中心, 客户和慈善机构.

About Rob:

罗布在1987年开始从事市场鸭脖体育app,那一年股市大崩盘,一周内下跌了50%. 在天安门广场和共产主义垮台之前,他走遍了中国和苏联, 曾在纽约担任一个爵士乐队的经理,并在1989年前往阿姆斯特丹之前在意大利进行巡回演出. 他在荷兰的交易中心工作了6年,然后在1995年回来创建了Optiver Australia. 他和一个朋友一起创业,公司规模扩大到200人,2010年退休.

He took to Buddhism in 2008 and worked for the Dalai Lama, arranging 5 of his visits to Australia from 2008 to 2015, 当他访问时,与他一起生活和旅行两周. In 2012 he opened Vivienne Court Trading and placed the ownership of the company into a charitable trust so that 100% of corporate profits would flow to the charitable sector, 而不是平均1%的企业慈善支出.

To date VivCourt has generated about $65m, 其中1000万美元是直接捐赠的,其余的保留下来以扩大公司的资本基础.

Past events from 2020

Debbie Haski-Leventhal教授分享了一个关于“目的驱动型企业是一种向善的力量”的讨论.

企业在社会中的角色鸭脖体育app下载?它能做些什么来帮助解决鸭脖体育app下载面临的全球问题? 鸭脖体育app下载如何找到鸭脖体育app下载个人和组织的目标,鸭脖体育app下载如何发挥影响力?

In this webinar, Debbie Haski-Leventhal教授将讨论创新和前沿的概念, 框架和案例为企业的良性发展提供了一种新的前进方式.

从社会企业家精神和内部企业家精神到企业社会行动主义, we will examine what businesses can do to become agents of world benefit and change themselves and society for good.

About the speaker:

Debbie Haski-Leventhal is a Professor of Management at 鸭脖体育app下载(Macquarie)商学院 and an expert on corporate social responsibility (CSR), responsible management education (RME) and volunteerism. She is the author of Strategic CSR: Tools and Theories for Responsible Management (SAGE), 目的导向的大学 (Emerald) and Employee Engagement in Corporate Social Responsibility (SAGE).

She is also a TED speaker 一个有目的的演说家,社会责任和高等教育的未来. 发表学术论文50余篇,被媒体广泛报道, 包括《纽约时报

We hosted our 2020 South Asia and South East Asia alumni catch up on Zoom. David Wilkinson教授,副校长,参与分享了大学的最新情况,这是一个 opportunity to connect with fellow Macquarie alumni across South Asia and South East Asia and grow your professional network.

Virtual Alumni Forum — Tuesday 24 November

鉴于目前澳大利亚的新冠肺炎形势发生了迅速变化, 鸭脖体育app下载把鸭脖体育app下载的校友社区聚集在一起,以便有机会分享最新情况, 并讨论鸭脖体育app下载在鸭脖体育app下载商学院未来的商业教育计划.

During the virtual session we heard from:

  • 布鲁斯·道顿教授 (Vice-Chancellor, Macquarie University) on the current state of higher education in Australia and how Macquarie is responding along with his insights into what remote learning means for the future of the university sector;
  • Professor Eric Knight (Executive Dean, 鸭脖体育app下载(Macquarie)商学院) on the challenges facing business schools and the vision that he and the leadership team have, in order to tackle the immediate challenges we face; and
  • 蕾奥妮教授逗 (Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching), on the future of teaching in the context of digitalisation/online learning as well as the need for new kinds of learning environments and tactics.

Q Incubator Pitch Final 2020 — Thursday 5 November


We held the MQ Incubator 2020 Pitch Final where hearing from our inspiring start​up finalists and the amazing success stories from the Incubator.

对于孵化器中的几家初创公司来说,2020年是稳健增长的一年, 鸭脖体育app下载迫不及待地想和你分享.

该活动为投资者、有抱负的企业家、企业和大型企业提供了机会 麦夸里公园创新区 to learn more about our amazing startups 并听取鸭脖体育app下载的专家小组的意见,他们将在问答环节对他们进行测试&A.

Startups are pitching for a chance to amplify their message and showcase their businesses to potential partners, investors, customers (+ the prize and bragging rights, of course).

加入观众投票决定谁将赢得观众选择奖 Best Pitch.


Enrico Tam, tech guru and Cofounder and Co-CEO at PosiWise and CloudOlive, 在孵化器领袖论坛上分享创新和科技趋势, 创新者和颠覆者活动.

About the speaker: After trying to become a professional tennis player, Enrico somehow got entangled in a PhD in engineering, 一个MBA课程和一家大型咨询公司,然后被吸引到创业世界.

恩里科现在是一名成功的科技企业家、顾问和顾问. He's passionate about building and delivering new projects, 以及帮助其他企业家在创新方面取得成功. 他成功地创立了几家企业,并将其发展到7位数. 这段经历让他在管理和销售方面积累了丰富的商业经验, as well as the know-how on building scalable tech products.

菲律宾校友网络 Event — Wednesday 28 October

Our 菲律宾校友网络 held their first virtual event to bring our alumni community living and working in the Philippines and many more living in Australia and around the world who share a connection to the Philippines together. 

Guest speaker Leah Callon-Butler, Director, Emfarsis, shared her thoughts on "The future of work, one year later, one year to go?

一年前,利亚在马尼拉的鸭脖体育app下载管理鸭脖体育app生院(Macquarie Graduate School of Management)的一次活动上发表了演讲, 分享了她在菲律宾从事数字货币咨询工作的观点. A year on, 鸭脖体育app下载大多数人都在家工作,更依赖科技, Leah will get us started in an interactive discussion on new ways of relationship building and collaboration in the workplace.


2019冠状病毒病加速并增加了不确定性 & 任何组织背景的模糊性,使得任何级别的决策都更加困难.

在2019冠状病毒病挑战期间,您是否以正确的方式处理自己的决策领域? 在不确定和模棱两可的情况下,你是否受过培训并有足够的经验来做决定? 你知道处理这种情况最有效的概念和工具吗?

Dr Roger Moser covered how to turn questions into hypotheses to test them and the most suitable frameworks to draw on to smartly combine Big Data analytics and Small Data analytics into insights that can be actioned without bias.

About the speaker:

Dr Roger Moser is Senior Lecturer in Strategic Management in the Department of Management at 鸭脖体育app下载(Macquarie)商学院, 乌代普尔印度管理学院兼职教授, India, 他是美国圣安德鲁斯大学亚洲互联中心主任.Gallen, Switzerland. 他还担任SatSure Ltd .的董事长., 为银行提供卫星数据分析和情报的供应商, insurers and governments in emerging markets.

他是决策智能这一新兴领域的思想领袖, 行为和数据科学,以改善高级领导的决策实践. 基于他的专长, he coaches MNCs and SMEs in how to improve their intelligence gathering and processing practices in dynamic business contexts including Asia & 数字化或现在的COVID-19.

Virtual Beer with the Boss — Monday 26 October

鸭脖体育app下载举办了最受欢迎的活动 Backpack to Briefcase Series – Virtual Beer with the Boss. 这是一个校友快速社交活动,你可以与“老板”联系 senior alumni with impressive job titles and even more  impressive career journeys – and tap into their life experience.

“和老板一起喝虚拟啤酒”的概念很简单:随便喝一杯, relax and  speed network with a ‘boss’ in a group. 洞察行业趋势, 提出你可能有的问题,或者只是倾听讨论并学习. 每个环节将被计时到15分钟,之后,你将进入下一个“老板”。.

Our bosses were:

  • Benjamin Wong BAF/BComm(精算)(2004)-银行业 & Financial Services
  • Curt Shi MA (2003) - Founding Managing Partner, Follow [The] Seed; Partner, Welinda and Shi Capital
  • Greg Reinhardt BEcon/LLB (1998) – Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright
  • Jason Duarte BComm(2005) -公营部门主管 & 机构银行法案,西太平洋
  • Karen Ganschow MBA (1991) – Head of Data Sciences, Aware Super
  • Kathrina Doran PCMgmt (2007), PDMgmt (2009), MBA (2014), MMgt (2014) - Founder and Principal  Consultant, 5D Intelligence
  • Lucie Chami BComm (Mktg) (2008), MIntBus/MIntRel (2010), MBA(2014) -首席采购官, 牡荆制药有限公司
  • Mike Morgan PDMgmt (2003), MMgt (2003), MBA (2005) – Vice President &  Insight亚太区董事总经理
  • Paul Chang BSc (2006), PDMarketMgmt (2012), MMgt (2014), MBA(2017) -全球高管和企业家领袖的国际教练
  • Dr Shanny Dyer 理学士(1985),博士(1997)- ARCS Australia Ltd .首席执行官


Join education experts, system and school leaders and industry representatives as they unpack modern education in world of uncertainty. 2020年是动荡的一年,社会的许多部门都需要适应. We have witnessed various responses to these challenges and at the same time seen great opportunities and innovation arising from these shocks to established systems.

教育是一个未能免受这些变化影响的领域. We will discuss why there is a need to take stock and reflect on the key role thateducation plays in supporting children, parents, 教育工作者/教师和行业在困难时期前进.


  • Natasha Copley - Human Resources Director, DXC Australia and New Zealand
  • Stephanie McConnell -林德菲尔德学习村校长
  • Andrew Williamson – Principal, Carlingford West Public School
  • Dr Luke Touhill -鸭脖体育app米娅·米娅儿童和家庭鸭脖体育app中心主任
  • 蒂芙尼·琼斯副教授 – School of Education, Macquarie University and
  • 马特·鲍尔副教授 - MQ教育学院.

加拿大校友网络Zoom签到- 10月14日星期三(加拿大)

Our Canada Alumni Network hosted an informal networking and check-in session over Zoom.

Paul Chang, 加拿大校友网络领袖, held an interview-style conversation with Canadian alumni to discover how they’re connected to Macquarie and Canada, where they are in life, their work, 他们是如何应对这一流行病的,他们正在做些什么.  受访者包括女校友 Ashley Kalagian Blunt (《如何成为澳大利亚人》一书的作者).